B i o g r a p h y


InChanto was born in the first half of 1990’s thanks to the common passion of the members for ancient music and for traditional music resonances. Since the very beginning, the aim was to develop a personal repertoire, inspired by the place of origin: the land of Tuscany. Tuscany as the keeper of its own, deeply rooted, culture, and also a land receptive to other cultures, being a land of passage as well as a welcoming land favoured by many, these cultures can be recognized and absorbed, and so be interwoven crossing and compared. The songs the group composes do not come therefore from a strictly philological or formal research, but from the desire to offer original music, rooted both in european folk, and in the musical and literary culture of the Italian Renaissance. This “alchemic sound”, strained through a mediterranean sensitivity, can evoke atmospheres balanced between old and modern, popular and cultured, in which the texts, composed in various languages or inspired by medieval lyrics, are very important.